Previous edition of the task

The eHealth-KD 2019 challenge is an enhanced version of the TASS 2018 Task 3: eHealth Knowledge Discovery challenge. In this new version, additional semantic types for key phrases and relations have been included, to cover a larger portion of the semantics of a sentence. These modifications increase the complexity of the task since a larger number of classes need to be predicted. However, we believe that these modifications provided higher semantic coverage.

Inspired by the successful participation of 6 teams in the previous version, and the insightful recommendations that many of the participants provided, we have redesigned this year’s task to be both more challenging and more objectively evaluated. Hence, we divided the evaluation scenarios so that each specific Subtask is evaluated independently, and also provide a scenario for evaluating the complete pipeline. We also merged previous year’s Subtasks A and B since they are very similar in nature and complexity.