IberLEF eHealth-KD 2019: Workshop Program

The IberLEF eHealth-KD oral session will be held on September 24 (Tuesday 16:30 - 17:30).

Poster sessions will be held during the coffee break: 11:00 - 11:30 hours, and 15:30 - 16:30 hours.

For more details see the SEPLN program at http://hitz.eus/sepln2019


Title Type Time
Overview of the eHealth Knowledge Discovery Challenge at IberLEF 2019 Oral 10 min
TALP-UPC at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: A Joint Model with Contextual Embeddings for Clinical Information Extraction Oral 8 min
Coin_flipper at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: Voting LSTMs for Key Phrases and Semantic Relation Identification Applied to Spanish eHealth Texts Oral 8 min
LaSTUS-TALN at IberLEF 2019 eHealth-KD Challenge: Deep Learning Approaches to Information Extraction in Biomedical Texts Oral 8 min
NLP_UNED at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: Deep Learning for Named Entity Recognition and Attentive Relation Extraction Oral 8 min
General questions Discussion 10 min
Hulat-TaskAB at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: Knowledge Recognition from Health Documents by BiLSTM-CRF Poster 90 min
UH-MAJA-KD at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: Deep Learning Models for Knowledge Discovery in Spanish eHealth Documents -  
LSI2_UNED at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: A Few-shot Learning Model for Knowledge Discovery from eHealth Documents Poster 90 min
IxaMed at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: Using Different Paradigms to Solve Clinical Relation Extraction -  
Hulat-TaskA at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: Sequence Key Phrases Recognition in the Spanish Clinical Narrative Poster 90 min 
VSP at eHealth-KD Challenge 2019: Recurrent Neural Networks for Relation Classification in Spanish eHealth Documents -  
Discusion about the task Discusion 8 min

Presentation setup

Please give your presentation on a USB stick.

Poster size

Posters should be no wider than 91 cm (36 in) and no higher than 122 cm (48 in), in vertical (portrait) orientation. A0 paper (in vertical / portrait orientation) meets these requirements.